Bay Polymer Corp
Sell Plastic Scrap

We Buy Scrap Plastic

Baypolymer is based in the U.S. We buy commodity grade plastic materials including PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS, ABS, and PC in: scrap, parts, runners, off-spec, purge and regrind form. We want to purchase your broken crates, pallets, dunnage trays, drums, bins, flower pots, pipe, buckets, crates, and bailed film. Our expert staff can help you determine the type of material you have available. We offer the opportunity to provide you with exceptional seling opportunities and material flow solutions. Bay Polymer can provide customized trailer and bin service with our own equipment to pick up at your facility.

Sell Plastic Scrap

We Sell Plastic Scrap

We Sell Plastic Scrap. We make pellets that have been batch blended and tested in our on-site laboratory for a consistent end product. Our machines are properly designed and maintained to run each specification developed. We understand that you want to save money but you don’t want to sacrifice time or quality in using a reprocessed plastic. In addition we distribute a wide variety of virgin materials at great prices. Let Bay Polymer LLC design a plastic raw material that fits your process. We Sell Plastic Scrap

Sell Plastic Scrap

Why Choose Bay Polymer?

At Bay Polymer LLC we are excited about what we do. We have great products and services to offer. We have earned a solid reputation in our industry as a company that businesses want to do business with. We invest in improving and fine tuning our equipment so that our products can be consistent. We care about our employees who are a reflection of the attitude and standards of our company. Our team is committed to making the business process as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Give Bay Polymer LLC a chance to impress you and earn your trust! We Sell Plastic Scrap

We could talk about the solid attributes of our company, but at the end of the day you really want to know: What can Bay Polymer do for me? We have spent generations growing our plastic recycling and virgin resin distribution business with passion and pride. If you ask around in the industry, you will find we have earned a great reputation which we invest in protecting. Give Bay Polymer LLC a chance to impress you and earn your trust! We Sell Plastic Scrap