Bay Polymer Corp

Materials Management Solutions - Custom Blending

Blending service includes mixing capabilities that permit large batch blends with melt flow or impact modifiers. Although we have many standard blends, all customers have different interests in what properties are important to their process. Bay Polymer can properly blend additives and color to achieve the specifications most important to you.

The blending capabilities we offer at Baypolymer, provide superior consistency for a variety of custom applications. Blending is carried out in our state of the art blending facility. We perform internal blending for the manufacturing of our proprietary products, and invite customers to take advantage of this service. Customers can expand existing product lines and increase production capabilities, or leverage our services for a cost effective manufacturing partnership.

Blends are available from a range of material options, including Polypropylene, ABS, HDPE, HIPS, PC, TPO and others. Blends are customizable to meet customer needs, and we maintain confidentiality over customer's sensitive manufacturing blends. The highest standards of quality are met, with a full system of testing and inspections implemented to ensure purity and accuracy. We will plan and coordinate the details of storage and delivery as required. For more details about our custom blending capabilities or the host of other full service materials management solutions, custom blending, Toll blending, plastic manufacturing partnerships, please contact us directly.