Bay Polymer Corp

Plastic Materials Available

Bay Polymer LLC has a reputation of being a trustworthy and dependable supplier to many different types of Industries & Companies through out the world. We sell plastic injection molders, blow molders, thermo-formers, profile extruders and sheet extruders throughout the USA. Buyers & sellers of Industrial plastic scrap. We are a leading plastic recycler doing business throughout out the United States. We also work with offshore and domestic brokers. We would love an opportunity to earn your trust with great service, price and a consistent product.

   Our core products include the following quality plastic resin:

Bay Polymer manufactures and sells reprocessed plastic pellets. All of our feedstock materials are tested and batch blended for a consistent end product. Bay Polymer has invested heavily in the engineering of our equipment - if you are the processor, you know this matters. Our machines are properly designed and maintained to run each formulation developed for your specific end use process. Save money over virgin plastic resin without compromising machine output with reprocessed plastic pellets.
A clean and consistent plastic regrind is a fit for certain manufacturing processors. Bay Polymer has a filtration grinding system with a variety of screen size reduction to match your feeding system.
Bay Polymer has partnerships in Texas that supply us with wide spec virgin and pencil prime plastic resin. This is a great fit for manufactures who cannot inventory a large quantity of virgin material. Bay Polymer buys in large quantities and ships to you when you need it so you get quick deliveries on small quantities – and you don’t have to tie up your money in raw material.
We can ship plastic in Gaylord Boxes, Super Sacks, Bulk Truck, Truck Rail or Rail Car in full truck load quantities or LTL. What would work best for your business?

All of the materials available have been developed for specific end-use applications. We produce over 45 different grades each month so it is possible that we already carry a material that is right for your process. Here are some materials that may be in our inventory today:

  • HDPE Black Reprocessed in injection, extrusion, HLMI and blow molding grades
  • HDPE Natural Reprocessed Injection grades
  • LDPE Black and Natural extrusion grades
  • PP Black and Natural Homo-poly and Co-poly Reprocessed Injection and Extrusion Grades
  • HIPS Black Reprocessed & GPPS clear Reprocessed
  • ABS 6 izod Black Reprocessed