Bay Polymer Corp

About Us

Bay Polymer LLC has over 100 years of combined experience in the plastics industry.  The founders of this company are pioneers in plastic recycling.  If you are old enough, you will remember back in the early 1970’s when the price of gas went from .23 ¢ to $1.70 per gallon.  Well at the same time, the price of commodity plastic resin went from .15 per pound to .60 per pound! An opportunity to purchase plastic scrap was born in this price explosion.  Plastic scrap material that was formerly considered to be garbage now became a valuable commodity.  Bay Polymer LLC is among the very first of our kind in the plastic industry. 

Today, our business specializes in selling reprocessed and virgin materials and buying scrap and regrind materials.  In addition to offering fair and competitive prices, it is our goal to have great trustworthy service. We are extremely proud of our hard earned reputation that has thrived and progressed through almost three generations.  

Bay Polymer is set apart from other reprocessing and distribution companies by our consistent product line and customized formulations. We are able to react quickly to the changing needs and demands within our industry. The people at Bay Polymer
work hard at earning and maintaining strong relationships with the companies we do business with.  

We look forward to partnering with you for successful material flow solutions
• Plastic Recycling • Buy & Sell Plastic Scrap • Sell Reprocessed Material